Mike Rooth - Winnipeg Comiccon


Mike Rooth

Swamp Thing, The Last Ronin, Red Sonja/Conan


All days 3 days


Mike Rooth is a Canadian Freelance Art Mercenary with an illustration career that spans two centuries.

While his artwork has appeared in hundreds of publications including board games, role playing games, children books, graphic novels, textbooks, illustrated history books and more since the mid-1990’s, Rooth is best known for creating cover art for comic companies such as DC Comics (“The Swamp Thing”), IDW (“TMNT: The Last Ronin”, “D&D: Spine of the World”), BOOM! Studios (“House of Slaughter”), Archie Comics (“Archie Halloween Spectacular”, “Super Duck”), Aftershock Comics (“Bunny Mask”, “We Live”, “Animosity”), Ablaze (“The Cimmerian: Red Nails”), Valiant Entertainment (“Quantum&Woody”, “ShadowMan”), Image Comics (“Nocterra”, “Department of Truth”, “Ice Cream Man”, “Little Bird”), Dynamite Entertainment (“Red Sonja/Conan”, “Pathfinder”), Dark Horse (“RE Howard’s Savage Sword”, “Usagi Yojimbo 30th Anniversary”) and others.

He is also the co creator and artist of the comic “DODGE!” (written by Matt Nixon), a story about an M60-wielding, Black Sabbath T-shirt wearin’, commando WereBear in the fight against an ancient evil threat!

Courtesy of Big Country Comics