The Masquerade (Costume Contest) - Winnipeg Comiccon

The Masquerade (Costume Contest)

The Masquerade (Saturday, October 26, 2024 – 7:00 p.m. in the York Ballroom)

Don’t miss out on Saturday’s BIG event: the masquerade is the place to show off your talents in costume making. Whether they come from the world of comics, of Japanese anime or video games, this amateur costume competition puts your favourite heroes in the spotlight; you can view unique and amazing costume creations. Go on stage and show off your creations (and maybe fight some ninjas!), or come and encourage the contestants! It’s not just posing on stage, but a spectacle filled with awe, allure, action, artistry, astonishment, and maybe a song and dance too.


The Masquerade Awards (Sunday, October 27, 2024)

The Masquerade Awards is the time to find out who won and give out  prizes for the following divisions : Junior Division (Also known as the Young Fan Division, less than 13 years of age), Novice, Journeyman Division, Artisan, Master and Out-Of-Competition.