Game-itoba (Table Top Gaming Zone) - Winnipeg Comiccon

Game-itoba (Table Top Gaming Zone)

Located in room 2F of the North Building, come play table top games all weekend at Winnipeg Comiccon!


Game-itoba Tabletop Games Convention is an annual event dedicated to board, card, miniature and role-playing games. Game-itoba’s Demo Team will be at Winnipeg Comiccon with a library of more than 100 board games for you to play while at the convention, and a squad of volunteers to help you pick a game and teach you how to play it.


Our library of games includes classics like Catan and Pandemic and many new and different games of all types. We have board games for kids, couples, large groups and small groups. We also have loud and quiet games, competitive and cooperative games, and some that we just can’t describe. You can find us all during Comiccon weekend in Room 2F, located on the second floor of the North Building. (Come up the escalators and go straight to the end of the hall to find us).


Let us help you find your new favourite board game!

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