Underworld LARP Winnipeg - Winnipeg Comiccon

Underworld LARP Winnipeg

Underworld LARP is Canada’s largest 18+ Dark Horror Fantasy LARP community. They boast 8 Guildhouses across Canada each with their own unique style and feel of what it means to be “Dark Fantasy”.
Here in Winnipeg, they, at Misthaven, focus on the psychological aspect of horror and the “fear of the unknown” while still hitting key fantasy staples such as heroic knights, intelligent wizards and gruesome monsters. They take inspiration for their intricate player driven story at their events from the worlds of “The Witcher”, “Lord of the Rings”, and “Game of Thrones” all the while mixing in aspects of H.P. Lovecraft and Alfred Hitchcock for added terror.
What LARP means to them? Not only is LARP (Live Action Roleplay) an amazing and active hobby, they view it more as a community of like minded individuals who enjoy and share a range of interests from crafting/cosplay and medieval reenactment to improv theatre and outdoor camping. It really is an “escape” from the regular hussle and bussle of life as players fully immerse themselves into their characters for full weekend long events. We really do eat, sleep and breathe this.
What makes them 18+? They deal with complex and intricate plot, both for personal characters and with the over arcing “story” of the events and that means a certain maturity is needed to both understand and appreciate all the hard work our world “Shapers” put into writing and creating the story. There are also dark mirrors of our own reality in terms of class-ism and racism yes but we tend not to delve deeply into these things. Dwarves hate Orcs with every fibre of their being, Elves think their “better” than everyone else “just because” and those types of topics need to be played respectfully. It’s the characters interacting not the people playing them which is why we’re 18+. We feel that as an “adult” you should know how to interact properly and respectfully to others.

What they are doing at Comic-Con? They will be bringing a small slice of our world into the building. They will be setting up their Tavern, the Kobald’s Kavern, where Con-Goers can come interact and chat with some of their Players for more information about the group and what they do first hand, in full kit and In-Character of course. They will also be having an Archery Range where Con-Goers can test there skills against their very own Master Archer, Felix Sharpshot (Kyle Stanley) or attempt to escape their mini-dungeon “The Crazed Wizard’s Tower” before time runs out. The Archery Range will be $5 for 10 shots and the Escape Room will be $10 per person (Max Group size 5) with all proceeds going towards a local non-profit, the Prairie Drama Academy, based in Portage la Prairie. A lot of LARPer’s start out as “Theatre Kids” so it’s great to have an opportunity to give back and help foster a stronger community for the future.

How to reach them/get involved? Check out their “Global Teams” website for rules and lore or follow us on our Guild’s social media pages:

Webisite: https://www.underworldlarp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/690953401546929
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/underworldmisthaven/