Come meet the Ghostbusters Cosplayers the Winnipeg Ghostbusters at Winnipeg Comiccon!

The Winnipeg Ghostbusters are an official Ghostbusters franchise sanctioned from Sony Pictures – Ghost Corps Division. Part of the mandate of being an official Ghostbusters franchise means that we have to give back to our local community in whatever way we see fit. Our group decided to focus on supporting local charities that directly affect children, such as the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, Madox’s Warriors and the Christmas Cheer Board.

Over the last 3 years we have raised thousands of dollars for the Children’s Hospital and other local charities. Usually we raise money by setting up fun interactive photo booth displays at events such as the Teddy Bear’s picnic and take pictures with guests in exchange for donations to the Children’s Hospital. We occasionally do private events for donations and participate in other fundraising incentives throughout the year.

We are a group of individuals that found each other and banned together over our love of Ghostbusters to make a difference in our city. Being a Ghostbuster is an amazing experience that we love sharing with those we interact with. If you look carefully at our flight suits you’ll notice we have our last names displayed. This is because we’re not cosplaying as characters from the movies or shows; we’re fulfilling a childhood dream of being Ghostbusters ourselves. That’s what’s amazing about Ghostbusters is that anyone can be one and you can make the look your own; you’ll see that in how each of us appears with custom gear and equipment.

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